Frequently Asked Questions



Problems with correspondence

- I am waiting your answer on my question (I am waiting password/animals designs) from you, but I have not received any e-mail.

If you didn't receive answer from us within one working day, please check:

  1. if we have message for you with the cause of non delivery. 

  2. if your mailbox is not full and is not receiving e-mails.

  3. if you have written correctly your return address.

  4. if anti-virus barrier, anti-spam filter, e-mail attachments filter or another barrier applied by your ISP doesn't block receiving of normal e-mails. 


If your mail was not sent because our ISP denied relaying with your ISP (your ISP is on the black list of the spam senders), please do following:

  1. ask your ISP to be removed from the black list of the spam senders

  2. try to send your mail to us at <>

- I received your e-mail with password (animal designs), but any file was not in attachment.

- Please check if your ISP accepts e-mails with attachments. 



Payment with credit card FAQ

- How to register Embird embroidery software and/or its plug ins as the gift for another person?

Credit card processing via Vantage Service, Inc., Sacramento, Ca, USA,

  1. order registration at,

  2. proceed with payment via secure server of our internet distributor Vantage Service, Inc., Sacramento, Ca, USA,

  3. enter your data in the part "Bill to" after inserting credit card information on the Vantage Service web site for credit card processing,

  4. enter data of the person for whom is registration intended in the part "Ship to" on the same web site.

Credit card processing via PayPal

  1.  create PayPal Gift Certificate, select the next higher amount of money as you intend to donate,

  2.  send this PayPal Gift Certificate to the donated person who will use it for the registration of Embird and/or its plug ins,

  3.  your account will be charged only with the used amount of money. Unused remain of money will be refunded on your account by PayPal after using of the PayPal Gift Certificate.


- I tried to pay you, but something is wrong with the online payment server. When I tried to send the description and amount, I received an error message.

- Usually, the problem is on customer's side and is caused by some of  following reasons: 

       Please test ability of your browser to communicate with secure server. 



Embird Embroidery Software FAQ

- When I run Embird, and switch from Manager to Editor, suddenly the screen closes and is minimized to the icon position in the bottom task bar. There is no Editor screen. I can no longer open it back up, nor can I close it.

- Right click the Embird shortcut on your Desktop, and choose command "Properties" from pop-up menu. Select "Compatibility" tab and switch ON the option "Disable visual themes". Finally, click "OK" button to confirm new settings.

- After I have put in the new key, registration was agreed and the product activation was started. However after I agreed, the Embird programm got stuck and I need to turn it down and start over.

- Please put cursor on the Embird icon, hit right button, select Properties -> Compatibility and uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and then activate your program. After successful activation, undo the change you have made to this setting.

- Does Embird its plug-ins work with Windows Vista and 7?

1. Answer for Embird 2010, Build 8.8 or later:

Iconizer plug-in now shows icons also in 64-bit type of Windows Vista and Windows 7. There is a new switch "64-bit Windows" located below "OK" and "Cancel" buttons in "Options > Iconizer Settings" dialog box.

Because the development tool is still not available in 64-bit version, this temporary 64-bit Iconizer uses 32-bit kernel. Therefore this Iconizer is not as quick as the true 64-bit Iconizer which will be developed once the 64-bit version of development tool is available.

In case there is a problem with frequent Explorer crashes when using this 64-bit temporary Iconizer, please switch OFF displaying of the DETAILS PANE in Windows Explorer via its menu "Organize > Layout > Details Pane".

In case the 64-bit Iconizer still does not work and there are blank folders with no images in Windows Explorer, please switch OFF the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" in menu "Tools > Folder Options, tab View".

You will find also "Embird Explorer 32-bit" application in "Start > Programs > Embird 2010" program group, intended for those users for whom Iconizer 64-bit is still causing crashes in Windows Explorer. In such a case you should disable 64-bit Iconizer, and use 32-bit Iconizer instead (setting "64-bit Windows" below "OK" button is OFF).

2. Answer for Embird 2010, Build 8.7 or earlier:

- The short answer is "yes" for 32-bit edition of Windows Vista, and "yes, except Iconizer plug-in and Ultimate Box+ menu" for 64-bit edition of Windows Vista.

The detail answer is:

There exist 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista. You can find out which edition of Vista you have on your PC by right-clicking the "Computer" icon on the Desktop, and choosing the "Properties" command in the popup menu which appears on the screen. Check the "System type:" line in the "System" section of the dialog box which appears on the screen to find out whether you have "32-bit Operating System" or "64-bit Operating System".

Because current edition of Embird is 32-bit, there should be no problems with running Embird and all its plug-ins in 32-bit edition of Vista. The Iconizer plug-in is functional in 32-bit Vista, however, you should choose "Medium Icons", "Large Icons", "Extra Large Icons" or "Tiles" option for viewing file in Windows Explorer. Windows Vista 32-bit does not display icons in "Small Icons" and "List" view, only "universal type" icon. Ultimate Box+ menu is also functional in Vista 32-bit. These issues were already tested internally and confirmed by Embird Team.

The 64-bit edition of Vista and also Windows XP Professional x64 Edition use 64-bit version of Windows Explorer, which cannot load libraries of current 32-bit Iconizer plug-in. To work around the Windows Explorer issue, you must use the 32-bit version of Windows Explorer:

Click Start, click Run, type the following in the Open box, and then click OK:

C:\Windows\syswow64\explorer.exe /separate

The Ultimate Box+ menu does not work in 64-bit edition of Vista, because the 64-bit driver is required for this card reader/writer box and it is not available from Vikant company yet. All other plug-ins (Alphabets, Font Engine, Cross Stitch, Digitizing Tools and Sfumato Stitch) are functional on PC with 64-bit edition of Vista. These issues were already tested internally and confirmed by Embird Team.

We plan to re-write Embird for 64-bit edition of Windows as soon as proper 64-bit development tool is available.

Also, in 64-bit VISTA, Embird is installed into "C:\Program Files (x86)\EMBIRD32" folder, because this is the folder where 32-bit application should be stored in 64-bit VISTA. This means that when you are installing Alphabets or Studio plug-ins, you should specify "C:\Program Files (x86)\EMBIRD32" folder for installation instead of default folder (i.e. instead of "C:\Program Files\EMBIRD32").

Both edition of Vista do not support Embird's Help .HLP file. However, this issue can be easily solved by clicking "Help > Contents" menu in Embird Manager and following steps which appear on the screen. They will lead you to Microsoft Download Center where you can download the WinHlp32.exe program. After installation of this component, the .HLP file will work again.
If you encounter some other compatibility problems when installing or running Embird with Vista, please try the following steps which might solve these problems:

Before installing Embird in Vista do the following:

1. Log-in to your PC with Administrator privileges.
2. Temporarily switch OFF all anti-virus software.
3. Select "Start > Settings > Control Panel" menu.
4. Click "User Accounts" icon in the dialog box which appears on the screen.
5. Click "Turn User Account Control on or off" link.
6. Switch OFF the "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer".
7. Click "OK" button to confirm this new setting and agree with Windows restarting.
8. Install Embird as explained in our tutorial.
9. Enable your anti-virus software.

Once Embird is successfully installed, please follow these steps:

1. Always run Embird with Administrator privileges.
2. Move mouse pointer to the icon of the Embird on the Desktop and click right mouse button for popup menu.
3. Select "Properties" command from the popup menu.
4. A dialog box will appear on the screen. Choose "Compatibility" tab.
5. Switch ON the checkbox "Run this program in compatibility mode" and choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)"
6. Click "OK" button to confirm this new setting

- I have been using Embird for months now and today when I tried to use an alert from McAfee came up and said it detected a Artemis Trojan Virus in Embird. Then when I tried to use Embird it said LIST INDEX OUT OF BOUNDS, FILE PROBABLY DAMAGED, ABORT CURRENTLY RUNNING PROCESSES. 

- The cause of problem seems to be new upgrade of the McAfee anti-virus program. We received many emails from users of Embird referring this problem. Please read below the information of two users how they solved this problem:

"The problem is caused by McAfee who sees a certain file as a Trojan Horse and put that file in quarantine. I recovered the file out of quarantine, and then it worked okay again."

"I went into McAfee to Configure and chose Computer and Files, went Virus Protection Enabled, then to Advanced, then unchecked "Check for Unknown Virus" and then reinstalled Embird and it is working great."


- My antivirus program AVG identifies Embird file  IOFLOP32.DLL as Trojan horse. When I tried to run Embird, the following error messages are displayed: LIST INDEX OUT OF BOUNDS,  FILE PROBABLY DAMAGED, ABORT CURRENTLY RUNNING PROCESSES.

- This error is caused by false alarm generated by Resident Shield part of AVG antivirus software updated March 25 2009. If you have AVG Anti Virus installed and experience slow running of Embird 2010, please do the following:

  1. double click on the AVG icon next to clock on the right hand corner of your screen.

  2. select  Tools -> Advanced Settings -> Exceptions (under Resident Shield) -> Add path -> Enter your path to Embird.

If problem persists, please inform AVG about this problem and turn off the Resident Shield portion of AVG until AVG fixes this bug.
Another antivirus programs, which used to make similar false alarm, are McAfee, Zone Alarm, Kaspersky and Webroot Antivirus/Spyware.

- My antivirus program displays message that file of Embird is Trojan horse (virus, spyware, malware).

- Embird files were tested by Softpedia, authorized tester of the software, and obtained SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD

The most frequent mistakes made by the users in the case of the virus (spyware, Trojan horse, malware) alarm information are the following:


- Iconizer does not show icons for my designs in Windows Explorer. It only shows the same universal icon for all my designs.

1. Run Embird, select "Options > Iconizer" menu and make sure that the Iconizer plug-ins is enabled for your file type. See also tutorial at
2. Run Windows Explorer and select "Tools > Folder Options" menu. A dialog box will appear on the screen. Select "View" tab and uncheck the "Always show icons, never thumbnails" option in case it is switched ON. Confirm new setting by clicking OK button.

- Iconizer does not work, my computer freezes when I enable Iconizer or modify its settings.

- If you are using any firewall application, or some other application which might prevent writing to Windows registry, turn it OFF for a while and then try to enable settings for Iconizer again.

- Iconizer does not show icons in Windows Explorer, although the Iconizer is enabled in Embird.
- Change the icon size via "View" menu. Select either "Tiles", "Medium Icons", "Large Icons" or "Extra Large Icons".

- Iconizer does not show icons in Windows Explorer, although it is enabled in Embird. I am using 64-bit edition of Windows Vista.
- Make sure you are viewing designs in 32-bit version of Windows Explorer - use either "eXplorer" menu of Embird, or click "Windows Explorer 32-bit" shortcut from your desktop.

- Iconizer does not show icons of designs stored in my .ZIP archives, but it shows icons correctly for unzipped designs.
- Windows does not support shell extensions (Iconizer) for files stored in archives.

- Every time I do some changes in settings of Iconizer plug-in, it shows error "Cannot write to Windows Registry! HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.{extension}. If you are running Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, please log on with administrator privileges."

1. Select "Start > Run" menu in Windows.
2. Type in "regedit" and click OK button to launch Registry Editor application.
3. Locate the key "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.{extension}" at the left side of the screen using the tree structure.
4. Double click this key to open it. Probably it will have the "PersistentHandler" subkey. Delete the "PersistentHandler" subkey.

- How to upgrade to Embird 2010?

- Click here to find out how to upgrade.

- How to update on the new build of Embird 2010?

- Your password for the basic Embird 2010 and all its plug ins will be valid for the new build, update is free.
- Back up your password for Embird 2010 (open Embird 2010 in Manager, select Help- > Password).
- Download new installation file of the basic Embird from
- Uninstall old Embird (select Start -> Programs -> Embird 2010 -> Uninstall Embird 2010).
- Install new Embird.
- Recover password  (open Embird 2010 in Manager, select Help- > Password). 

- I have installed Embird 2010 and Studio 5.0, but everytime I run Embird 2010, the error message "Studio is probably damaged" appears on the screen. How should I solve this problem:

- Please do the following:

1. Manually delete the "C:\Program Files\Embird32\EDSTUDIO" folder.
2. Download and install again the new Studio 5.0 for Embird 2010.

Even if you do not use Studio, please install its latest version. Otherwise it might happen, that Embird copies the old Studio from the old Embird folder to "C:\Program Files\Embird32\EDSTUDIO" folder and therefore this problem is reported. Either delete the old Studio (i.e. delete C:\EMBIRD32\EDSTUDIO folder), or install the new Studio.

- I have not received password for Embird 2010 from you via e-mail.

- Password is sent within one working day. If you have not received password  after this time, you probably have some barrier against our e-mails. If your computer is connected to Internet, there exists another way of password delivering: Please run Embird 2010 and select "Help -> Registration" menu. A dialog box will appear on the screen. Copy 16-digit "Computer ID" number (e.g. 9834-3456-A673-8983) of your Embird 2010 and send it to us in e-mail to <>. We will deliver passwords to you via our web sites, all you will have to do is run Embird 2010 after we prepare the passwords.
Please check if we have message for you with the cause of non delivery. 

- I have not received password for Embird 2004/Embird Plus from you via e-mail.

- Password is sent within one working day. If you have not received password  after this time, you probably have some barrier against our e-mails. If your computer is connected to Internet, there exists another way of password delivering - we will deliver password to you via our web sites. Please do following: 
- select Start -> Programs -> Embird 2004/Embird Plus -> Password Feeder
- Copy 16-digit "Computer ID" number (e.g. 9834-3456-A673-8983) of your Embird 2004/Embird Plus and send it to us in e-mail to <>. We will upload your password on our web site.
- select this option again after receiving of our e-mail with information about uploading or after certain time and hit button Download passwords and feed them into Embird. Your password will be downloaded and inserted in your Embird. This possibility is available for the latest build 7.2 of Embird 2004 and build 6.2 of Embird Plus only. Installation files of these versions are available at 
Please check if we have message for you with the cause of non delivery.

- May I use Embird on multiple computers?

- You may use Embird on a single computer, but may transfer it to another computer as long as the other computer is owned by you and as long as it is used on only one computer at a time. You may NOT lend, lease, rent, sub-license or otherwise distribute any portion of Embird. You may not translate, reverse program, disassemble or decompile Embird.

- How to install Embird?

- Uninstall your current copy of Embird by clicking in Windows on "Start > Programs > Embird > Uninstall Embird" command. Download installation file of Embird from our download page (please make difference between versions) and save somewhere on your hard disk (save for example into folder C:\My Documents). Start this saved installation file in Windows (select Start > Run > Browse > C:\My Documents\ {installation file of Embird} > OK) and allow to unzip into proper folder (default folder is recommended).

- How to install Embird Alphabet plug-in?

- Download installation file of alphabet from our download page and save somewhere on your hard disk (save for example into folder C:\My Documents). Start this saved installation file in Windows (select Start > Run >Browse > C:\My Documents\{installation file of alphabet plug-in} > OK) and allow to unzip into proper folder (default folder is recommended).

- How to install Embird Tutorial plug-in?

- Download installation file of tutorial plug-in from our download page and save somewhere on your hard disk (save for example into folder C:\My Documents). Start this saved installation file in Windows (select Start > Run > Browse > C:\My Documents\{installation file of tutorial plug-in} > OK) and allow to unzip into proper folder (default folder is recommended).

- How to install plug-in Embird Studio?

- Download installation file of Embird Studio from our download page and save somewhere on your hard disk (save for example into folder C:\My Documents). Start this saved installation file in Windows (select Start > Run > Browse > C:\My Documents\{installation file of Studio plug-in} > OK) and allow to unzip into proper folder (default folder is recommended).

- I have uninstalled my old Embird and I have installed new version of Embird. My Iconizer is not showing the pictures in the new Embird like in the old version. I have my registration number but don't know how to get the pictures.

Your Iconizer is not enabled.
Read our tutorial explaining Iconizer plug-in to find out how to enable/disable it.

- I have tried to install Digitizing Studio and I received the following message when unzipping 
Can't create output file: C:\EMBIRD32\EDSTUDIO\PATTERNS\EN_0001.BMP

Close all applications working on the background before installation, also anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. 

- How to install Embird on the new/another computer?

Never copy Embird from the old computer on the new - copied Embird is not working correctly!
Embird as every program working with Windows must be installed. 

To install Embird on the new computer you need to transfer installation files of Embird and plug-ins on the new computer. 

If your new computer is connected to the Internet, you can download all installation files from our download page.

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you must transfer installation files recorded on the CD or USB flash memory key. 

If installation file is saved somewhere on the new computer, start it in Windows and allow to install in the default folder. Then download, transfer and install plug-ins and insert password. Open Embird and check if your name appears in the blue bar on the top in Manager (not displayed in Editor). If yes, Embird has inserted password and is registered full functional program. Select Help > Installed Plug-ins menu and check if you have installed and registered plug-ins (registered plug-ins have numbers in line - if not, write them now).

Password saved on the CD has usually attribute "Read Only". You must change this attribute in Windows Explorer to accept this password by Embird.

- I inserted password into Embird, but Embird is still demo version.

Please check following:
- if file with password has strictly name PASSWORD  (case sensitive). Some browser might change the name of  files in e-mail attachment.
- if you saved file PASSWORD  into proper folder (into main Embird folder),
- if file PASSWORD  has not attribute Read Only (this attribute used to be added after saving of password on the CD).
Registered full functional Embird displays name of user in the blue bar on the top in Manager. Name of user is not displayed in Editor.   

- I want to insert password into alphabet, but I am not able to find alphabet in Editor - the message " No Plugin Found" appears instead opening of alphabet.

-You have not installed alphabet plug-in. Download installation file of plug-in from our download page and save somewhere on your hard disk. Then start this file in Windows and allow to unzip into default folder. 
To check which plug-ins are installed and registered select Help ->Installed Plug-Ins. Registered plug-ins have numbers in-line.   

- Is Embird  compatible with Windows XP?

- Embird is functional with Windows XP, but left panel intended for old non DOS formats Barudan FDR, barudan FMC and ZSK is not functional.

- After installing Iconizer plug-in, I lost the ability to double click on a file and have it open in associated software. The double clicking on the design always opens in Embird. How can I retain the ability to double click and have the design open in the respective software as before Iconizer?

- There are 2 solutions possible: 

First solution: Disable Iconizer feature for the extension which you do want to be handled by other software than Embird. Run Embird, click on Options -> Iconizer Settings and uncheck the extension in the dialog box that appears on the screen.

Second solution: Let the double click open the design in Embird, but once Embird is launched hit CTRL+O key. This will launch the software which was associated with the file extension before installing Iconizer. 

- Explanation of the problem of jumping into running stitches change:

1 -  In some designs, there are connection stitches between objects (between letters for example). Connection stitch may be real jump or just longer single running stitch that is easy to cut off. However, the code for jump is different than code for running stitch. Although short jump looks quite like running stitch on real embroidery, it is not the same code in design. In Embird Editor, the real jump stitches are shown as dotted line. In Embird Manager are real jumps invisible by default, but they can be set visible (in Options). Digitizers use real jumps for longer connections and running stitches for short connections that are supposed to be not cut off. 

2 - When you enlarge design, connections become longer. If there was a real jump, it should remain real jump even after enlargement. However, if connection was just a running stitch, program may split this stitch into several shorter running stitches that are not so easy to cut off. The reason for it is that program cannot distinguish between running stitch connections and thin outlines. Program must restitch the underlays, the outlines and it also restitches the running stitch connections. 

3 - There is a way to switch off the restitching of outlines (and running stitch connections). In Embird Editor, run "Options -> Stitch Density" and set the "Specify stitch length for outlines and underlays" to OFF. However, this works only in Embird 7.11 (check the version number in "About"). It doesn't work in previous version 7.1 because of a bug. 4. The most correct way is to turn all running stitch connections into real jumps before resizing.

- We have installed Embird and Embird Tutorial. We can't activate the tutorial through the Help menu or by using the F5 key:
Your internet browser is not associated with files with extension HTM. Try following:

  1. Find file {Embird Folder}PLUGINS\TUTORIAL\index.htm in Windows Explorer (select Start -> Programs -> Windows Explorer and select folder {Embird Folder}\PLUGINS\TUTORIAL)

  2. Click left button on index.htm file. Message "Open With" is opened.

  3. In the window "Choose the program you want to use" select your default internet browser (Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and hit OK button.

  4. Open Embird and activate tutorial through the Help menu or using the F5 key.

- Computer is not able to shut down after installation of Embird.

-  Check Start Up menu and try to remove all programs.

- How to enter password into Embird (version 6.00 and lower).

-  Run Embird.
-  When Embird starts, it will warn you that your copy is not registered and that it is going to expire in 30 days. Then it will ask you if you want to register right now. Choose "Yes" and type your password into the box that appears on the screen. Another way of invoking registration box is to choose "Registration" command in "Help" menu.
-  Press OK. If you have entered the correct password, Embird will start and you will see your name in the blue bar at the top of window (in application title)

 - Files in .JEF format are not visible on my embroidery machine. It seems that the FlashCard is empty.

- All .JEF files must be stored in the Emb_file folder on the FlashCard. You can create Emb_file folder e.g. in Windows  Explorer.

- I was able to split a design but I cannot figure how to select more than one object and "join" them together. I cannot even get the "join" button to highlight and I, also, cannot get the "align" button to highlight so I cannot figure out how to align objects.

- If you want to select more than one object, hold down Ctrl or Shift key when you click on the object. Join and Split buttons are highlighted only if there are two and more objects selected.

- When I enter the registration password, it says "invalid password". I have checked and tried it numerous times making sure the letters are the right case.

- Please use CLIPBOARD for transfer of the password from e-mail into Embird. Select password in e-mail by draging mouse cursor over the pasword (push the left mouse button while draging). Selected text should be highlighted now. Push Ctrl and C buttons simultaneously. Password is now taken into clipboard. Start Embird and initialize registration, put the cursor in the box for password and push Ctrl and V buttons simultaneously. Password will appear in the box. Now register.

- I can't export images to .JPG file format.

- Exporting images to .JPG file format is successful only if the display setting is "High Color (16 bit)" or "True Color (24 bit)". Otherwise you may export images to .BMP format only.

- How to install Embird in Windows "SAFE MODE"?

- Number one problem with installations is conflict with existing applications. Luckily Windows has a work around for this called "SAFE MODE"; installation. Complete details in your Windows manual, but goes something like this: Shut down and reboot your system. As it is starting up, press the "F8" key. A dialog box should pop up. From the menu selection choose number 3 - "SAFE MODE". Your system will then start up. It will operate slowly in this mode. In the four corners of the screen will be the note "SAFE MODE". Once your Windows is fully loaded, double click the Embird's "EMBIRD.EXE". It will then install the program on your computer. Once this is installed, shut down and reboot your system as normal. Your system may start up slowly the first time it restarts from the "SAFE MODE"; condition. Subsequent start-ups will be normal. 

- Does Embird software support Melco SuperStar disks?

- The Embird software shows the Melco .CND files on a diskette, but cannot display or convert condensed files. You may however, move them from your floppy disk to your hard drive and vice versa. 
NOTE: You must install floppy disk controller (FDC) with FM modulation support to your computer if you want to read Melco SuperStar disks. 

- How to translate Tajima.DST format into ZSK format and change the needles and stops?


- Please follow these steps:

Downloading FAQ

- I tried to download file, but file was corrupted or downloading was not finished.


- Close your antiviral program and firewall program before downloading and installation. 
- We recommend you use a special program (download manager) such as GetRightŪ or LeechGet for downloading . This will enable continuous downloading, even after interruption. Such program is available at